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Admission Essay about Architecture Personal Statement

Architecture as a career has always been my enthrallment from the time I was a young boy as there is no monotony in it and would like to major in UC architecture. I do believe that my desire to be able to pursue this field stems from the fact that most of my teenage life I have spent it travelling the world and also that I once got directly involved in building. My parents like travelling so much and during those times they would take me along in their tours. During those times, I would take with me my sketch book for drawing all the fascinating views in the different places we would tour and give a personal touch to the sketches drawn by being creative and displaying them in the way I would want them to be. This passion grew to the point that I would urge my parents to arrange for another tour sooner since I was eager to see the new structures and compare them with my own sketches. Traveling the world has made me realize that our cultures are also incorporated in architecture and th is has given me a reason to want to pursue architecture since it will be able to give me an in depth analysis of my culture and that of others. I do believe that I stand a better chance of pursuing the course since I have several advantages. I have been able to go through a number of experiences which have given me a good platform of working as an architect in future after completing my course. I was once involved in re-building the Oakland houses which gave me insights on what is required in the profession. During my free time, I volunteered to give advice to the young teenagers on how to live there lives in order to accomplish their life goals which have been a tool of importance in my life. I will be dealing with so many people hence I acquired the courage to address a large number of people while presenting my designs. I also visited orphaned children and the old people in their nursing homes which was a motivation to me in creating homes where they would stay in when abandoned by their family members. In addition to all this, I have been involved in my high school and college organization programs that have really build my interest in architecture as a profession. My level of creativity has really expanded and I believe that am going to be an asset in your department. I am also competent in my potential to produce quality work since I have managed to enter a competition which required participants to redesign the dorm in 2005 in which my friend and I emerged the first. With this kind of exposure, I am confident that I will give the department the necessary work needed. Apart from all this, I have undergone a two year college experience which gave me knowledge concerning how I can use color, lighting and composition in architectural application. The experience has given me the tool of brainstorming which is powerful in architecture since it is going to give me new ideas to present. The knowledge and skills acquired so far will enable me deliver well in all project assignments. Moreover, I have had the privilege of going to Indonesia to work as a volunteer at Baran Bannan a UNESCO organization. The organization gave me a very good exposure especially since I was able to interact with professionals in the field of architecture who gave me a few tips on how to better my skills and be the best in what I do. The accomplishment I managed to work on during my time in the organization has made me proud of myself. I have been a person who wants to attain the desired goals in a specified time and thus this made me desire and appreciate architecture more. I have always admired the buildings that have been designed by most of the architects and being given the chance to use my skills in Baran Bannan was an honor since they entrusted me with work for the professionals. Candi Prambanan the cultural heritage has been uniquely designed using stacking of stones and thus its maintenance and preservation of the culture will help in understanding the whole work of the world. Architecture is a process that needs to be instilled in an individual in order to bring out all the feelings of the design. The earthquakes bound to hit the buildings should not affect the existence of the building since the architect will have looked into such predicaments and should put in place their recommendations. Stone working materials in the cultural heritage showed that the construction was for a long time ago and shows the Hindu style of constructing houses. The experience of this kind of volunteer work was rewarding since I was able to learn the culture of other tribes which is most basic for architects as it helps in bringing out the design. Architecture is a field that needs individuals to be creative in their working and produce original designs bearing in mind the upco ming designs in the market. Architects need to be well conversant with the new designs in the market and I know that through my traveling expeditions, I have been able to collect some vital information. Having all these experiences and knowledge, I know that am going to put them into good use and deliver much more I given the chance to display my ability. Sharing of acquired knowledge is something I encourage since it will enable me to learn from others. Reference: Senior, M. and Mannix, P. (2001). Writing an effective personal statement: a step-by-step guide. New York: Senior Plcs.

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The Effects Of Acid Attacks On South Asia - 2021 Words

Acid attacks are also known as acid throwing. It is a vitriol attack, and it is a form of violent assault defined as the act of throwing acid or similarly corrosive substance onto the body of another with the intention to disfigure, main, torture or kill. It is mostly known for acid to be thrown at faces, and this damages the skin tissue, sometimes exposing and sometimes dissolving the bones. The most common types of acid that is used is sulfuric acid and nitric acid. Sometimes people use hydrochloric acid but this acid is less damaging. The long term consequences of these attacks can include blindness, permanent scarring, along with far reaching social, psychological, and economic difficulties. The first recorded acid attacks in South Asia occurred in Bangladesh in 1967. In India it was 1982 and in Cambodia it was in 1993. Research shows that acid attacks has increased over time in many developing nations. Countries that are usually associated with acid assault include Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China, United Kingdom, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Ethiopia. Nut there are many other countries around the world where acid attacks have been reported. Mostly, women are the main targets when it comes to acid attacks. In India, 72% of acid attacks have involved women. Men usually attack women with acid when an event has occurred such as, rejection of marriage or refusal by women of sexual advances. Another reason why some peopleShow MoreRelatedThe Chemical Composition And Formula Of It1002 Words   |  5 PagesBAD What is the chemical composition/formula of it? (Is it ionic/molecular, neutral, and acid or a base?) Caffeine (C8H10N4O2) is a molecular compound however it forms ionic bonds. It is an alkaloid which means that it is an organic nitrogen containing a base. Caffeine is only slightly basic. Where is the compound/element found? Caffeine is found naturally in many trees and plants. Currently, environmental issues including deforestation, pesticide pollution, habitat destruction, soil and waterRead MoreHealth Care Needs Of The World s Population Essay1536 Words   |  7 Pagesmalnutrition as the leading causes of morbidity mortality. Men and women are equally affected. Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) and diabetes are becoming of serious concern, accounting for 52 % of deaths and 38 per % of disease burden in the South East Asia Region as reported by World Health Organization (WHO). With the current trends, the top five causes of high morbidity and mortality in 2020 are likely to be ischemic heart disease, unipolar major depression, road traffic injuries, cerebrovascularRead MoreIs Bamboo A Sustainable Alternative Building Material For Light Weight Construction?1703 Words   |  7 PagesTechnology in cultural context Is bamboo a sustainable alternative building material for light weight construction in Southeast Asia? 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background of the study     Concrete, brick, wood and steel are the prominent materials used for construction around the world. However, due to the high expenses of steel and timber, researches have been made to discover a new alternative for these materials with a lower and more economic cost.     Bamboo is becoming more and more popularRead MoreTeenagers, Drugs , and Peer Pressure Essay1277 Words   |  6 Pagesand availability. Drugs addiction among adolescents in turn lead to depression and suicide. One of the most important reasons of teenage drug usage is peer pressure. Peer pressure represents social influences that effect adolescents, it can have a positive or a negative effect, depending on the persons social group. We are greatly influenced by the people around us. In todays schools, drugs are very common, peer pressure usually is the reason for their usage. If the people in your social groupRead MoreDrugs: The Production of Heroin Essay1671 Words   |  7 Pagesthen, heroin was spread and used regularly. To this day, heroin addiction still remains a major issue worldwide, especially in the United States (Heroin Facts). Heroin’s elementary but effective production has resulted in a variety of harmful side effects in users and an evident impact hurting millions annually. The production of heroin was very popular due to its simplicity. First the opium poppy seed is planted, grown, and harvested. The raw opium is collected into balls. From there, the morphineRead MoreThe Endocrine System And Type 2 Diabetes1224 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction This report will focus on the endocrine system and how it is supporting the body to function well. The link between the effects of the endocrine system and type 2 diabetes will be highlighted. A clear distinction of normal endocrine functions will be explained and in addition the effects due to the condition of type 2 diabetes. The normal human body consists of two main systems which work together to sustain homeostasis. The two systems involved are the nervous system and the endocrineRead MoreThe Most Important Issues of the Modern World1475 Words   |  6 Pagesperson to die. Second, war is the probably the worst possible solution to whatever problem you’re trying to solve For example, let’s have a glance into the causes of Iraq War which is going on, beginning from March 20, 2003. The key basis for the attack presented by the U.S. President George W. Bush and alliance supporters was the claim that â€Å"Iraq possessed and was actively developing Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) in violation of a 1991 agreement† (Iraq amp; WMD, par. 1).Though this war was foughtRead MoreDogs, Canis Lupus Familiaris1589 Words   |  7 Pagesshown that the two species have very similar DNA control region sequences. There is only a 1.5% average divergence (Wayne and Ostrander 1999). This difference suggests that dog domestication began approximately 12,000 years ago, most likely in South East Asia and the Middle East during the agricultural revolution (Axelsson 2013). The role that tamed and trained wolves played in societies prior to the agricultural revolution would have been dramatically different from that of domesticated dogsRead MoreGlobal Clim ate Change : A Threat Of Aphid Populations Essay8320 Words   |  34 Pagescasting its significant and lasting effect on the flora and fauna dwelling over earth. A number of factors such as biotic processes, variations in solar radiation received by earth, plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions certain human activities can be considered as key components responsible for this devastating phenomenon. Aphid populations are also under potential threat by the effects caused by the changes in the climatic conditions posing a direct and indirect effect on the predators consuming aphidsRead MoreEssay On Air Pollution1777 Words   |  8 Pagessprings. The effect of this pollution is very small, when compared to that causes by emissions from industrial sources, power and heat generation of internal combination is the largest contributor to air pollutant emissions caused by man with stationary and mobile sources equally responsible. There several reasons to worry about air pollution like- †¢ Air pollution affects every one of us. †¢ Air pollution can cause health problem and may be death. †¢ Air pollution reduces crop yields and effects animal life

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American West free essay sample

The American West Is not what many people think of when they hear those words. People think of it as cowboys and Indians fighting on the Great Plains and in the canyons or the travel across rugged terrain traveling as fast as they could for the gold rush. In all honesty the west started as soon as the Americas began to be colonized and many historians say it begins at the Proclamation Line of 1763.They had many struggles with the Native Americans, the French trying to take their land by way of war, and Great Britain, the motherland, taxing them harshly for war debt but he American colonists eventually made their way to what Is today commonly called the West. The Albany Plan of Union, which was drafted by Benjamin Franklin and the governor of Massachusetts Thomas Hutchinson, was a proposal to unite the thirteen colonies in preparation of a war with France. The proposal was drafted during a meeting with the native leaders, colonial officials, and representatives from the seven British colonies. This meeting was called the Albany Congress because they all met In Albany in the spring of 1754. The meeting had two focal points. The first was to ally tit the Iroquois. Before this the Iroquois had a better relationship with the French. This was until the sass. During Albany Congress the Iroquois Indians were bribed with supplies and weapons to ally with the colonies. The other point of this meeting was the Albany Plan of Union. It called for a new government, a person who had powers of the relationships with the natives, and a grand council was also made.The plan was approved unanimously by every delegate at the Albany Congress but when it was presented to the colonists it never passed. The colonists all would rather have he wars paid for by the motherland. The Albany Congress and Albany Plan of Union could be seen as a prelude to American Revolutionary thinking and action because the Americans wanted to separate themselves to from the motherland little by little. The British would not have let them unite In America, because they would be afraid of what did eventually happen.The motherland wanted the colonies for more land to expand, exploration, and more power. Before the French and Indian War, the Native Americans had a good relationship with the French so England wanted to appease the natives rather quickly. The king of England, George Ill, issued the Proclamation of 1763. This was written to halt the westward expansion of the colonists. King George Ill did this to keep the Native Americans happy and keep the colonists from taking all of their land. The line he talked about In the Proclamation of 1 763 was at the crest of the Appalachian Mountains.Colonists were not allowed to go west of that line and any of the people who were already west were told to move back east. Most of the settlers that had already migrated to the west ignored what the king said and stayed. Even though Illinois were not able to settle west of the line, they were allowed to trade with the Native Americans as long as they received a license from the governor and commander In chief of the colony of which they resided In. The colonists reacted moving west. Many thought that risking their lives in the recent war had been rewarded by the creation of a vast restricted native reserve in the lands they coveted. They also thought they were losing some of their rights since the new proclamation. Following the French and Indian, the French were forced out of North America and ceded all of their land to the British. The lands they lost included Canada and what is known as America today. They were only allowed to keep a few islands. With the British gaining control of the North American continent they had the most land and the most powerful army. They still tried to let the Indians keep their land east of Appalachian Mountains but it wouldnt be long before they began migrating back west again.All of this land gave the British the most political power in the world. The outcome of the French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Years War, was a major factor in the coming of the American Revolution. It caused war debt which led to taxation and also England left troops in the colonies. War debt caused a change of attitude between England and the colonists in America. Great Britain thought the colonists should have to pay for the funds used to fight the war with them against the French so they started putting heavy taxes on them.The Americans thought they had done their part in paying for the war so they should not be taxed. Also they had no say in Parliament about the harsh taxing they were receiving, and this where the famous saying No taxation without representation comes from. The military officers caused many problems in the colonies as well. The people living in the colonies were being forced to house and feed the troops. This made the colonists feel like the British did not trust them and that they were trying to take their freedom away.Of course the colonists were enraged over this and it led to many conflicts including the Boston Massacre. These are Just two outcomes of the French and Indian War and why many historians believe this was a prelude to the American Revolution. The Buxton Boys had a major role on the frontier. A group on men from Buxton, Pennsylvania Joined together to respond to the fear of Indian attacks. These incidents happened during the time of Pontiac Rebellion when tensions were high between settlers and the Indians.The settlers were afraid of being attacked and were receiving no help from the government to pay for supplies to protect themselves and their family. Instead the government of the state of Pennsylvania was aiding the Indians that were living amongst them. This led the Buxton Boys to attack the friendly Conestoga Indians of Lancaster County on December 14th, 1763. They killed six embers of the tribe and took fourteen others as prisoners and they were later killed. The government found out and ordered a warrant for their arrest but no action was taken because people of that county were sympathetic for them. A large group of Buxton Boys (estimating number from 600-1500 members) would march to the capital of Pennsylvania, which at the time was Philadelphia, in January of 1764. Benjamin Franklin and other leaders of the government met with them and listened to them. Even though no action was taken to arrest the Buxton Boys or to help them n protection, the leaders and colonists realized that people on the frontier and Native Americans could not live together in peace. They realized that they would try to rid of them.The Buxton Boys stood up for many colonists that were afraid of the Indians when the government said not to and without financial aid from them. They felt as if they had to take a stand and prove to the government that action needed to be taken. They succeeded in showing the authorities of Pennsylvania how the people of the frontier felt towards the Indians and to the government. The Regulators were a group of about 2000 backwoods farmers from North Carolina who worked hard for the money they earned, but were being excessively taxed by corrupt government leaders during the late eighteenth century.They Joined together under the leadership of Herman Husband and William Butler. Husband was a Quaker and did not want to engage in violence but try and reason with the government about the unruly taxes though he ultimately knew only violence would bring Justice. Butler on the other hand was the leader of their military, but he lacked in leadership and being able to unify their soldiers. The governor of North Carolina, William Tyrone, was backed by the wealthier colonists of the state so it was easy for him to do what he wanted.This mob violence as Tyrone would call it, would eventually lead to the Battle of Alliance Creek in the spring of 1771. The Regulators, led by Butler into battle, had around 2,000 men (who were not all armed). The governor, Tyrone, called in the North Carolina Militia who numbered 1,000 men fully armed and trained for battle. The regulators were put down in a short amount of time and six of them were hanged for treason. The rest of them were killed in battle, led west, or exiled to the mountains.

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Last Virgin in Paradise

Introduction The Last Virgin in Paradise is an enjoyable and fascinating comedy, which is very resourceful in the study of culture because it focuses on cultural aspects of small communities and ethnicities. In the comedy, there is an emphasis on adjustment of the play to match cultural beliefs of the target audience so that the comedy becomes relevant to the society.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Last Virgin in Paradise specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is clear because the play uses Hawaiian language and brings the people of the Pacific Island together. Moreover, the comedy employs political aspects in a comical manner and utilizes literary devices, which make the comedy very informative to the readers. The comedy has a number of players like Temanu, Jean, Hina, and Helmut. Furthermore, the comedy presents societal challenges in terms of cultural practices and political identities. Therefore, the essay an alyses the comedy, the Last Virgin in Paradise, using theories such as literary studies, feminism (gender and politics), and orientalism to present issues that relate to culture, politics, gender roles, stereotypes, and societal beliefs. Orientalism Theory Some of the themes that the theory highlights in the comedy, the Last Virgin in Paradise, include culture, education, authority, and social interactions. In the comedy, Helmut demonstrates how culture values education when he tells Temanu that he will take Hina to school and give her a good education. The theme of education comes out when Temanu says, â€Å"I will send her to school and give her an education† (Hereniko and Teaiwa 16). Thus, through Helmut the play displays how society perceives education. In addition, the comedy also incorporates cultural aspects into the play. A good example is evident when Temanu tells Jean that she came back to study her culture and know her nature (Hereniko and Teaiwa 18). When Helmut a sks Temanu whether she is married, the comedy brings to the fore the aspect of marriage (Hereniko and Teaiwa 16). This explains that the society values and respects marriage and family as sacred social institutions. Furthermore, the theory demonstrates how society perceives authority. The theme of authority is clear in the comedy as it presents how society perceives authority and control. For instance, Helmut recognizes the authority held by Hina’s father when he tells Temanu â€Å"she is a young girl who is 19 years old, and her father is a high chief† (Hereniko and Teaiwa 16).Advertising Looking for essay on gender studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In addition, Temanu further elucidates the love of culture when she notes that Hina decided to come home and know her identity (Hereniko and Teaiwa 18). Therefore, the comedy displays some features that orientalism theory presents. The themes that the theory h ighlights are also clear in the comedy, and thus make the theory of orientalism practical and effective in analyzing the comedy of the Last Virgin in Paradise. Literary Studies Theory The theory of literary studies highlights themes such as culture, gender discrimination, and respect for education. The Last Virgin in Paradise presents themes such as culture, gender discrimination, and love for education. According to the comedy, the society loves and values education, and this is evident from the respect the society gives to Helmut who is a retired professor of psychology (Hereniko and Teaiwa 16). The respect is apparent as Hina’s father and other family members persuade Hina to marry Helmut, without considering whether Hina loves him or not. Additionally, the comedy brings to the fore gender discrimination when Hina’s parents give Helmut the consent to marry, yet Hina is not willing to marry him. Hina is not only young, but also she is not in love with Helmut. Moreove r, the comedy uses Helmut to show gender parity. The play elucidates gender parity when Helmut tells Temanu that Hina does not have a choice except to comply with his principles (Hereniko and Teaiwa 16). The statement presents society’s notion and stereotype that women are lesser and weaker beings than men. Feminism: Gender and Politics In the analysis of the comedy, the Last Virgin in Paradise, it is evident that some features such as gender discrimination are imminent in the society. According to the comedy, the Last Virgin in Paradise, it is clear that there is gender parity as brought to the fore by Helmut, a retired professor of psychology, who presents women as objects or minor beings who have no rights except the obligation to follow the rules of their husbands. Gender discrimination is evident in the comedy because Helmut told Temanu that Hina has no choice but to accept marriage (Hereniko and Teaiwa 13). In addition, the comedy presents women as minor beings who do n ot only have minimal education, but also have no employment. For example, in the comedy, Helmut is retired psychology professor whereas Hina is as an uneducated young woman.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Last Virgin in Paradise specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion The essay analyzes the Last Virgin in Paradise, which is a solemn comedy that emphasizes on the regular activities of small-scale communities. Additionally, the paper highlights cultural stereotypes that define roles and positions associated with either men or women in the society. The essay uses literary studies, feminism (gender and politics), and orientalism theories in the analysis of political, gender, and cultural themes that the comedy presents. Moreover, the comedy uses a setup of a practical society with various ethnicities such as Marawan, Palagis, and Europeans who have diverse cultures and lifestyles. The use of the three theories aids in the analysis of the comedy and presentation of social, cultural, political, and gender values, which are common in the society. Works Cited Hereniko, Vilsoni and Teresia Teaiwa. Last Virgin in Paradise. New York: University of South Pacific, 2001. Print. This essay on Last Virgin in Paradise was written and submitted by user T0adMen to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.